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Project Goals

The main goals of this project, “"Green and Blue Europe -GBE," are to get to know and share our awareness of environmental issues concerning our natural resources and the preservation and study of the natural habitat of species that live within in our borders; to create an eco-conscience that fosters in our students the respect for our lands, water resources and sea, essential to our survival; to study and share our cultural heritages, using them as educational mechanisms to prepare young people for a Global Europe. It will encourage students to exchange ideas and knowledge about their countries and will be a good opportunity to improve language skills as well as to increase the motivation of students and teachers. Taking part in European cooperation activities such as this, means to go beyond our mental and environmental borders and to grant a social cultural growth to our students.

With this project, the schools and their surrounding communities will exchange experiences and materials, which will open new horizons to new ways of looking at what education is at a European level.

In order to meet the new school realities of Europe, the institutions involved are highly motivated and feel that this project is very important to all the people it concerns (students, teachers, directors, parents, etc.), making them more receptive not only to the topics they propose to address, but also to the cultural and historical aspects of each partner’s country. We are a global Europe and, therefore, these are aspects that unite and distinguish us.

We want to develop our schools in European dimension and to set an example of good practice. We want to show that cultural, social and religious prejudices can be overcome by both students and teachers, through effective cooperation, dialogue, team work in order to accomplish some common final products, and by cultural exchanges, meant to provide firsthand experience regarding different lifestyles and mentalities through allowing our students to meet and work with other students from the partner countries. There is a wider world outside the borders of the countries, and in all partner schools we want everyone to understand what makes us national and European, and at the same time to let students immerse in the cultures and traditions of the other partners, thus overcoming prejudices and ignorance.

Our schools would like to open a window towards Europe in order to help the students involved in the project develop an active citizenship regarding the theme of our project.

The major goal of the project is to teach students how to cherish, protect and appreciate our bio and cultural diversity, how to understand people with a different historical, religious, social and cultural background, and to learn to appreciate the customs and mentalities of different people, tolerate them or even make friends with them.

The project is also meant to improve students’ creative abilities and their team building skills beyond borders, by urging them to use the latest technology and a common foreign language in order to accomplish the objectives of the project.

As a result of the project the students will also increase their self-confidence and self-respect, because they will get involved in activities which will challenge them to use new pedagogical methods of learning and communicating. They will also be more motivated to take part in other European projects and to get better and better results in their development as European citizens and in their personal life.

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